Hello world!

Welcome to segunakinpelu.wordPress.com. My Name is Olusegun Akinpelu.

Segun Akinpelu

This Blog is created to simply open my window to the world. Get to know my interests, trending focus and above all to share views on topical matters that concerns humanity the most: Politics, Life, Entertainment, Accademics, Literature,  I can’t possibly say enough all. You can navigate the links above. One thing for sure, it is not going to cost you anything but will add to you a great deal.

I appreciate comments on all my postings, it helps me improve myself  overall. Criticisms are welcome if constructive and not derogatory.

“All write ups on this blog can not be used without my approval but if referred to me, it is deemed constructively approved.

Here are some hot suggestions for your reading and viewing pleasure .

  1. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
    Is President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan really in control?
  2. In the word of poetry I explore delusion and temporary fortune and human behaviour in Helianthus.

    When Abnormal culture of graft in the police becomes the norm

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