Advise against delusion of grandeur



Daylight suns-up
as the helianthus smiles to compliment,
zeus exudes happiness
‘I’m favoured’ dances the sprout in rythmic wave.

‘What massages your ego?’, I sued.
Heliantus enthused;
‘only the favoured has it all in acircle’
touch is nimble,
growth so incredible,
it causes stagger.
One should have this forever.
But don’t get fooled it suns-down in twilight

As the reality stares,
like a dawned night in glare,
the hope mopes
’cause nothing really holds
all that pretends is glow
as the answer is still the same tho’
you will have to await morrow shine, Helianthus.
If you live to see it
as your pride to spine in your hay hours
may prey you to the drunk-nightcrawlers


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