Nigeria Police


Oga! your inner light
It is said that the repeated calls by Nigerians to be salvaged from the claws of the Nigeria Police and reformation of the police is an unavoidable necessity.
The idiosyncrasy going on in the Nigeria Police is fast becoming a culture as a result of acceptability over time. Not that the masses take the unhealthy  modus operandi of the Nigeria police officers as acceptable but are  helpless when they are up against the men-in-black under any relation.
The men in uniform spit at the law everyday with their uncouth methods. Human right has no place in their dictionary. Investigation and crime detection is paid lip service.
Bribery and corruption now a Value-Added-Tax on any business or private concern. The police claim integrity and yet foul their mandate.
I also draw reference to the extra-judicial Killing of the Nigerian Police and the non-effectual criminal investigation which has led to tonnes of inconclusive crime investigation especially in murder trial (only if they are able to beat out a confession). Little wonder why the Loius Edet House (Police Headquarters) was attacked without any clue and the Police Chief escaped by only a whisker.
Now people resolve to unconventional strategies in protecting their lives and property. For e.g vigilante group, night watchmen, private security (including the self acquisition of arms and ammunition). Gone are  the days of the literal ‘Rapid Response Squad’. These days, what we have is a non-responsive and inept Police force.
We need to rise up to the enemy of true Nigeria in the Nigeria Police. Although the war requires caution and a change in attitude.
Akinpelu Olusegun M.

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