SOM: Taking a stand

this picture is gotten from decorator decals
Read before you sit

SegunOnMonday: Taking a Stand
If a baby doesn’t summon courage, it will never become toddler;  if you don’t dare to speak out, nobody will listening.

If you do not attempt to stand, you remain at the base.

There’s this saying that:’ he who stands for nothing falls for anything!’

There’s no harm in making mistakes the harmful thing is not learning from it. If you’re afraid to act so you won’t be wrong, then you will never be right.

And a friend of mine said:
If we can’t learn to stand now, we would fall every time, even in marriage, workplace, public office, social life, even our religion and belief‘ – and I said Tolu Adesanya what a thought to share with people this monday.
Stand for something…

Good morning
Olusegun Akinpelu


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