#onMonday: Laziness

SegunonMonday: Laziness

One factor that undermines success is laziness. It’s instant effect is that it kills your spirit of determination and gradually, your can-do-it attitude fades away.

‘Laziness is not staying in bed all day when you’ve got nothing to do, it is wanting to stay in bed when you’ve got a lot to do’.- Olusegun Akinpelu

It is a state of mind and not line of actions (nor necessarily inactions):
It makes you procastinate your ideas; your creative thinking takes the backdrop; and you fail to exudes positive nerves in the face of challenges .

Remember the popular saying that:
“The best of ideas can only be found in the grave!”

I wonder who’s gonna confirm that though we all agree.

So, why leave it late? Why not now?

Do something, do it right!

Good morning

Segun Akinpelu


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