#onMonday: Opportunity hides in plain sight
Whether you deserve an opportunity is not a function of what you’ve done in the past alone.  A great deal of it rest on what it is expected of you to do the with the opportunity.

In essence,  you should keep an ambition robust enough to furnish the opportunity should it present itself.

If you don’t have a plan on how to spend $200 you will never know it is an opportunity should someone gives you the something of the worth or more.

Like the popular saying: opportunity dances with only those it meets on the floor ready to dance.

Be wise!
Be ambitious!!
Be successful!!!

Segun Akinpelu


#onMonday: Choices and Consequences

Many things go hand in hand in life. Two of those are choices and consequences.

While we have reasonable control over the choices we make, little do we have over the results of it.

In the end, Choices we make explain a lot about our character;  the result shows our personality

Make decisions based on what you best think of a situation in assumption that it is the best you can do  to get the best of result and hope for the best.

Let your decision be driven by positivity!

Good morning