#onMonday: Choices and Consequences

Many things go hand in hand in life. Two of those are choices and consequences.

While we have reasonable control over the choices we make, little do we have over the results of it.

In the end, Choices we make explain a lot about our character;  the result shows our personality

Make decisions based on what you best think of a situation in assumption that it is the best you can do  to get the best of result and hope for the best.

Let your decision be driven by positivity!

Good morning


Oi! is 3rd of January again

Yea, it is 3rd day of the new year

that Capricorn boy again?

that’s him coming!

How Old is he now?

He’s had a big chunk of his 3rd decade

is it all about days?

not much of the numbers and dates but more of how much change he’s witnessed

Oi! can we join the birthday party train?

Sorry, not so fussy about merriment today

days fading fast beget apprehension

whatever that means buddy

this can be just another gregorian day as for all,

for me it sets a mirror before me

and all I am beset with are questions to answer:

pout to calm;

knots to losen;

angst to erase;

surfaces to delayer.

Oi! I am at sea at your words

That is the essence of a searching mind

more questions sets you on the path of fulfillment

fulfillment brings forth success in my red book

If you wanna join the party, don’t just do it today

visit your red-book as mine

and assess why you are important to change

This message is a reflection of what was going through my mind at the striking hour of 00.01 on 3rd January 2014.

This is a 3 way conversation of the questioner, the by-person and me.

I tried to use them to draw pointers to my assumed essence which is positive change as a mark of my birthday.


#OnMonday: Longterm Success


Sometimes some people doubt their very essence when fail to set mind to task on what needs to be achieved.
In the sight of this you lose ample resources and you waste opportunities that come begging in the name of not knowing what to do.

You find your idleness seized by matters seemingly less productive and that will cumulatively breed frustration.

Though many times all you can do is try, but it is worthy if you have your sight on the ultimate objective. This should not deter you even when unwanted pebbles on the way try to dislodge you.

Charles Noble said:

“You must have long term goals to keep you from being frustrated by short term failures”

My friend, remember that the bottom is always crowded ’cause it is easy to get there.
Aim for the top. There’s plenty of room there and there are so few at the top it is almost lonely there.

Moving up!
Good Morning

#OnMonday: Enthusiasm

SegunOnMonday: Enthusiasm
Some people say been enthusiastic is a reserve feature for few, I disagree. Enthusiasm is a feature that is inherent in all of us.

Try to remember the feeling of trying a new thing you’ve always craved for.

But I think the chief of the problem is, we don’t connect the little deeds we do, with the environment and the fact that there’s is always a slice of luck in play too.

If you believe your little can make a change, then you’ve caused the change half way.

Steve Maraboli is his book: Life, the Truth and Being Free said:

“Protect your enthusiasm from the negativity and fear of others. Never decide to do nothing just because you can only do little. Do what you can. You would be surprised at what “little” acts have done for our world.”

Be positive

Good morning


Happy Birthday to Me

How many days I have spent,
I will need a calculator
sometimes the years,
I blink before I announce.

Time have passed
people I have met
challenges I’ve faced
strides I’ve taken

I look into the horizon
thank God for this far
He’s brought me
’cause who really am I?
I wish my self a larger coast
surmountable challenges
and above all,
inner peace.

Lapse in moment


Hol’ your breath
And look back to the takeoff
Let others whistle past
But beg the question of that which cause you to race
As you falter, search within and you will confirm
I must have started well
‘Cause we all do.


The lapse moment makes us differ
But track of time & course keep us in

Behold not to set a chase on the racer that just edged you while I asked you to hold,
For surely your track differs.



Advise against delusion of grandeur



Daylight suns-up
as the helianthus smiles to compliment,
zeus exudes happiness
‘I’m favoured’ dances the sprout in rythmic wave.

‘What massages your ego?’, I sued.
Heliantus enthused;
‘only the favoured has it all in acircle’
touch is nimble,
growth so incredible,
it causes stagger.
One should have this forever.
But don’t get fooled it suns-down in twilight

As the reality stares,
like a dawned night in glare,
the hope mopes
’cause nothing really holds
all that pretends is glow
as the answer is still the same tho’
you will have to await morrow shine, Helianthus.
If you live to see it
as your pride to spine in your hay hours
may prey you to the drunk-nightcrawlers