even a raging bull recharges

even a
raging bull recharges

OnMonday: Challenging
the Obstacle The story of the Bull Have you witnessed a bull fight
before?…I will take that as a ‘Yes’ When a Bull is challenging an
adversary, it doesn’t just go on and on in attacking….what does
it do? A bull attacks, withdraws, and charge again! The second
charge is always an improvement on the first; the third stronger
than the second……and it goes on and on until it is defeated or
it triumphs! In the end, even the conquered bull is a hero and that
makes it better than you….that challenges once and withdraw even
with your competence and potentials. There’s half a
chance from the go that you can surmount a challenge and that’s why
you took it on in the first instance.
Know that you will
lose more if you stop now!!! Think of time spent, sapping energy,
option forgone already and you will see reasons to demand more from

Power up
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