In the silence …

In the silence of the night,
many miles from afar
People basking in euphoria
of a brand new year

All I can do is connect with y’all
in spirit
and draw from the resonance of happiness, gratitude, and relief
and say on the very top of my voice:
Welcome Twenty-Thirteen

My first writing to the world in 2013


‎#SegunOnMonday: Prove the success of 2012

‎#SegunOnMonday: Prove the success of 2012

Being the last day of the year, I am still taking stock of happenings during the year (as I suppose you’re too). I’m still looking at the highs and lows, the unexpecteds & the hopes, the near-misses & surprises.

For what it is worth, I pride in the grace I’ve had this year, I appreciate the unprecedented strides, I review twice more my mistakes than my success,

From the above, I look forward to the onrushing day that will dawn a new year and I will keep saying to myself
“Not bad so far, but no time to be complacent”
For after all what I fail to achieved this eclipsing year really doesn’t make the year any less fortunate and in the end tomorrow will just be another day to pick up from where I left.

The saying: ‘courage is saying to yourself I will continue from here tomorrow’ refreshes me in the wake of the day and I feel fulfilled, successful and relieved for it is undeserved grace that I wake today, and same I hope for tomorrow. I need be thankful to God.

That is ‘Segun Akinpelu thinking out loud.

What is your own reckoning? It is part of been successful to look at this as you catapult into the new calendar of surprises and great expectations.

Happy new year

Lapse in moment


Hol’ your breath
And look back to the takeoff
Let others whistle past
But beg the question of that which cause you to race
As you falter, search within and you will confirm
I must have started well
‘Cause we all do.


The lapse moment makes us differ
But track of time & course keep us in

Behold not to set a chase on the racer that just edged you while I asked you to hold,
For surely your track differs.


#onMonday: Laziness

SegunonMonday: Laziness

One factor that undermines success is laziness. It’s instant effect is that it kills your spirit of determination and gradually, your can-do-it attitude fades away.

‘Laziness is not staying in bed all day when you’ve got nothing to do, it is wanting to stay in bed when you’ve got a lot to do’.- Olusegun Akinpelu

It is a state of mind and not line of actions (nor necessarily inactions):
It makes you procastinate your ideas; your creative thinking takes the backdrop; and you fail to exudes positive nerves in the face of challenges .

Remember the popular saying that:
“The best of ideas can only be found in the grave!”

I wonder who’s gonna confirm that though we all agree.

So, why leave it late? Why not now?

Do something, do it right!

Good morning

Segun Akinpelu



Life presents itself as a test: Under prepare and failure looms. Over prepare will mean you’re scared and you will fail anyway;

How do you know the quantum of preparation you need? It is not more than your best effort!

The stage where you feel you have worked hard in measure of your strength.

– Do what needs urgent attention now
– Don’t waste your effort on what is irrelevant
– Make sure you enjoy it
– Keep your confidence level by assuring yourself that you’ve put in a great deal of effort.
– Don’t be drawn by other voices other than yourself
– When you are not sure, don’t stop move on anyway!

“Success is as simple as A B C – Ability, Bravery and Courage” – Anonymous

This edition is dedicated to my colleagues writing ACCA exams starting this week. Wishing you all 50 and Above

Good morning.
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Don’t be prepared to blame anyone for your undoing or setback.
Though our interactions and relationships in life bring results that have bearing on us.

Friends make decisions for us, parents do, we observe people and arguments win us over.

Since the consequence is yours to bear, you must have that in mind before making the next step.

“No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible” – Voltaire

You’re the AVALANCHE, every other person/circumstance is the snowflake.

They’re meant to facilitate your decision, Never meant to be responsible.

Good morning.
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SegunOnMonday 19/11/12


This morning my motivation is derived from the words of Tim Blixseth and I thought what a wonderful quote to share:

“The turning point, I think, was when I really realized that you can do it yourself. That you have to believe in you because sometimes that’s the only person that does believe in your success but you.” –Tim Blixseth

 Does this look any like you? I bet it does to me. The moment you realise that in your roadmap to success the only person that matters is you, what you make of it. That fans the embers of flame in your belly and fires you up for the challenges ahead.

Mind you, it is not in the muscle nor brain. It is in the pit of your belly.

Good morning


:::We missed the last 2 editions of #SegunOnMonday due to circumstances that presents no quick fix:::


By: Afuye Akinyemi

This piece is dedicated to my friend Blackson Temitope-Usman who encouraged me to write on this controversial issue. Moral decline (or regression) refers to the process of declining from a higher to a lower level of morality. The condition of moral decline is seen as preceding or concomitant with the decline in quality of life, as well as the decline of nations. In the words of British lawyer and jurist Judge Devlin (1905 -1992),

“an established morality is as necessary as good government to the welfare of society. Societies disintegrate from within more frequently than they are broken up by external pressures.”

In order for morality to be upheld and for regression to be effectively measured, standards must exist as points of moral reference. While legal philosophy may hold that immorality is whatever a moral person considers immoral, these judgments are typically based on or are derived from either transcendent religious sources or established secular ideology. On a corporate scale, all governments and their legal and educational institutions operate out some basic moral beliefs, making complete separation of State from moral ideology impossible. In America, it was widely held that, in the words of Theodore Roosevelt: “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society”, with the morality referred to being foundationally that of the Bible. In the realm of formal religion, moral codes are passed on via sacred scriptures and traditions, which usually transcend time. However, cultural adaptations may be made as needed, while upholding the principal of the original. This adaptation is an area of theology. According to the New Testament, conscience and creation reveal essential moral truth, with the Holy Scriptures being the more comprehensive revelation, and the objective and immutable authority by which the truthfulness of any light of conscience is determined. While all major formal religions usually possess many basic moral commonalities, they can critically differ in some areas, including their manner or degree of cultural adaptation, such as are seen in the contrasts between the Bible and the Qur’an. Under secularism, religiously based laws may be upheld without requiring formal assent to one formal religion, as was the case in most of the history of the Nigeria. However, as changes in spiritual demographics occur, one ideological basis may be exchanged for another, such as is seen in atheistic humanism increasingly becoming the basis for morality in Nigeria, and essentially being State-sponsored, and supplanting that which was more Bible/Qur’an -based as presently seen in the nefarious activities of the boko haram sect. In the ideology of secular humanism, which the most prominent Western form of secularism advances, moral values are highly subject to change, being based upon the presumed superior reasoning of man, who is set forth as the supreme law-giver. Being basically atheistic, it operates out of a materialistic foundation, and lacking an objective, transcendent moral authority and its moral absolutes, it offers no assurance of moral stability, and is prone to extremes of moral relativism. How materialism assesses morality can be describe in ordinary parlance as:

Modern science directly implies that the world is organized strictly in accordance with mechanistic principles. There are no purposive principles whatsoever in nature. There are no gods and no designing forces that are rationally detectable. Second, modern science directly implies that there are no inherent moral or ethical laws, no absolute guiding principles for human society. Thirdly, human beings are marvellously complex machines. The individual human becomes an ethical person by means of two primary mechanisms: heredity and environmental influences. That is all there is. Fourth, we must conclude that when we die, we die and that is the end of us.


The cause of moral regression continues be a subject of study. In the Bible, moral decline was always a result of spiritual declension, that of falling into idolatry (the worship of false gods), which is evidenced in the Bible to be the mother of all sins. In addition to the transitory and finite nature of such created gods, these are seen to be forbidden due to their being the product of man’s corrupt nature. Man also tends to become more like the object of his highest devotion and allegiance. God, who is stated to need nothing, and being omnipotent, omniscient and perfect, is seen to command man to worship Him as a matter of righteousness, and for the good of man. Certain environmental conditions are also seen as being conducive to idolatry and its spiritual and moral decline, these conditions most primarily being that of an abundance of sensual and material satisfaction, as well as ego fulfilment (pleasures, possessions and power). The Bible states that these created things are what the world “lusts” after, and exhorts all and sundry to set their controlling affection upon God and holy things. In early Nigeria, the tendency to drift away from faith in times of prosperity was observed early by the late sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo (1909-1987) who stated, “Religion begat prosperity, and the daughter devoured the mother”.


Moral decline begins when transcendent moral values, which have proven to be beneficial over time, are discarded in preference to various ideas which man finds more conducive to achieving ultimately destructive lustful desires. While people without religion may sometimes be considered relatively good, and contrasted with evil people, yet, in contrast to the Bible, atheism offers no objective transcendent authority which comprehensively defines good and evil, and which is proven to provide beneficial morality. In addition, the moral foundation of atheism is seen by many as having allowed atheists to easily justify their atrocities, these being pragmatically reasonable to them. The corresponding responses from atheists, such as which invoke Hitler as an example of a Christian, and/or charge God with immorality (paradoxically, by Biblical standards), is part of a renewed conflict.

AFUYE Akinyemi is a polyvalent thinker, social critic, transcendental mystic and multi-perspective philologist. His interest is in Law, insurance, religion, philosophy and politics. He cares for body and mind.

SOM: Taking a stand

this picture is gotten from decorator decals
Read before you sit

SegunOnMonday: Taking a Stand
If a baby doesn’t summon courage, it will never become toddler;  if you don’t dare to speak out, nobody will listening.

If you do not attempt to stand, you remain at the base.

There’s this saying that:’ he who stands for nothing falls for anything!’

There’s no harm in making mistakes the harmful thing is not learning from it. If you’re afraid to act so you won’t be wrong, then you will never be right.

And a friend of mine said:
If we can’t learn to stand now, we would fall every time, even in marriage, workplace, public office, social life, even our religion and belief‘ – and I said Tolu Adesanya what a thought to share with people this monday.
Stand for something…

Good morning
Olusegun Akinpelu


Segun on Monday – 8th October

“Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering”

Those were not my words but that of Theodore Roosevelt

The Moral of this is that you’re not to pamper yourself as your sensitivity to success will be untested when success comes begging.

You will be well insulated in your ease which only serves the short term.

Be worried if you’re not break a sweat in whatever you do.

Road to success is bumpy and full of patches.

Man up!!!

Good Morning

Olusegun Akinpelu