Chibok Girls: The Unaddressed Letter

My Dear Sisters,

It has been 365 days of mystery, repugnance, ineptitude and irresponsibility. We betrayed you as Nigerians-We shouted for a while and stopped; some doubted that you were kidnapped but what is more disappointing is that we can not offer any excuse other than greed, politics and incompetence on why your whereabouts are still unknown.

It is unfortunate that we have not been able to offer your parents closure as days fade away staring into desolate nights and gloomy days. Though I do not know anyone of you in person but you are my sisters and fellow compatriots. I feel awful that we are not at any point close resolution.

I still wonder where could you be. Why is it this difficult to just point in a direction? I am sure you have a million and one questions on why our leaders have failed you for so long but we are astoundingly dulled to a state of stupefaction inspite of the fact that the whole world did what they could to support those at the helms of affairs to bring you back in earnest from the claws of savages and primitive captors.
We will keep you in our hearts and we will keep hope and faith until the light guides you home from the agonizing trepidation and unending darkness. ….and this time we won’t lose you again.
Just remember the victory of evil over good shall only be TEMPORAL.
Stay alive because we never mourned you – We never will!
Your Helpless Brother,


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